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Random Post (+new vid) - heroestwdw

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November 3rd, 2010

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11:17 am - Random Post (+new vid)

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would.

First, what has happened to Glee?  I am really starting not to like it which is really upsetting as it was one of my favorite shows.  Now, I am not as excited about Tuesday and it is more of "okay, let's watch Glee" instead of "yay! I can't wait to see Glee this week."  Hopefully, with Puck coming back next week, he will improve the show and maybe we can finally get some Rachel/Puck moments whether it be romantic or friendship.  Also, Terri comes back in episode 7! I cannot wait!  I hope she gets more than one scene like she did last time. 

Anyone on my fl watch Spooks?  I started this season because of Sophia Myles joining.  I am really starting to like it.  I love Beth (Sophia Myles).  I am really looking forward to what happens with "Lucas" after Monday's ep.  

On a sad note, my computer broke last week and if I can't get it to turn on then I have lost about 4-5 almost finished to finished vids.  I am really devastated by this.  On a positive note, I might get a Mac for an early Christmas present if my computer doesn't start working that is if I can convince my mom to buy one for me.  Anyone have a Mac?  I was wondering how good they were and if you could vid using Sony Vegas on them.  

I might be trying my hand once again at fanfic writing.  Since I can't currently vid, I need some fanart to do.  My writing skills aren't great so we will see how that goes. 

I recently posted a Gwen/Ianto vid before my computer broke so I thought I would post it here for those who like the pairing and don't know about my YT account. 
Clips: Torchwood, Up Close with Eve Myles, Torchwood Deleted Scenes, Doctor Who
Song: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

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