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April 29th, 2010

11:52 am - New Show, New Vid!

I recently watched The Beautiful Life and it was really good so I decided to make a vid to it.  The show is on YT and if they get more subscribers they will make more of the show.  http://www.youtube.com/tbl  For Secret Diary fans, it has Ashley Madekwe (Bambi) in it and for fans of ATWT, it has Billy Magnussen (Casey) in it.  They are my favs of the show.  Billy is the reason I started watching the show.  I read he was in it so I decided to check it out. 

I hope you enjoy the vid.  It's not my best but I only had a few scenes to work with as there are only 5 eps of the show so far.

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April 16th, 2010

10:30 pm - Ten/Reinette vid!

When watching a vid to the Abduction Club, I got the idea for this vid.  I hope you enjoy!


Vid & StorylineCollapse )

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April 9th, 2010

03:11 pm - Runaways!!

Just saw the Runaways again!!  Still good and still recommend it. 

Today's Kristen Stewart's birthday so Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Glee starts again in 4 days. YAY!! Can't wait.  Bring on the PR moments!

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April 6th, 2010

12:15 pm - Icon Post # 4 Multifandom (Torchwood, Glee, Kristen Stewart, etc)
I have a new icon post!! I used a table generator this time and accidently split the post into two so just say the first set is A and second set is B so if you want to comment on a particular one then you can say the number and then A or B.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!!

David Tennant/Kristen Stewart manips done by ianto_forever .

I don't know what is happening to the first icon in each set why it is separating from the rest of the icons, so sorry, just ignore it. 

Icon Post...click hereCollapse )Resources: same as previous icon posts.

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April 2nd, 2010

02:19 pm - The Runaways!! Go see it!!

I just saw the Runaways!!!! It was AWESOME!! I recommend everyone go see it!! 


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March 25th, 2010

01:53 pm - Will/Terri Community!!

I started a Will/Terri Community.  Please feel free to join and post!!


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March 18th, 2010

09:50 pm - Skins 4x08

My take on the final ep...


Skins...Collapse )


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March 11th, 2010

11:15 am - Icon Post: 33 Multifandom (Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Skins...)
My latest icon post!  I know some of them aren't great but I hope you like at least some of them! xD


More Icons!!Collapse )


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February 25th, 2010

09:57 pm - Skins 4x05...OMG!!
OMG!!!  This ep was amazing and heartbreaking!  I love Freddie/Effy so much!!  I have to vid this ep like now!  Brilliant acting by Luke and Kaya.  Definitely my fav ep of this series.

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February 11th, 2010

07:17 pm - Meme

• Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity

• Update your journal with the answers to the questions

Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (I'll also answer more, if asked.)

nani1986  asked me:

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