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GLEE!!!!! [Spoilers for 2x09] - heroestwdw

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December 1st, 2010

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06:03 pm - GLEE!!!!! [Spoilers for 2x09]

My hope in Glee is restored.  This episode was soo amazing.


First off, the Puck/Rachel moments made me squee so freakin' hard.  I had to pause the episode so I could have a "little" fangirl freak out.

Second, yay for Finn and Rachel breaking up. 

Third, Finn/Quinn moments in this episode were awesome.  I am crossing my fingers that Quinn breaks up with Sam for Finn.

Fourth, I so hope that Mike/Tina and Brittany/Artie don't break up either because I have started to majorly ship these couples.

Lastly, "The Dog Days are Over" was amazing.  I love that song and the Glee cast did it brilliantly.

Best episode of the season so far! 



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